Making Interactive Node.js Console Apps That Listen for Keypress Events


In preparing for an upcoming Node.js IoT tutorial focused on creating¬†notifications based on sensor values (for example, audible alerts), I wave of brilliance came over me. ūüôā ¬†Wouldn’t it be awesome if these notifications could be interactively acknowledged and silenced from the console? Lo and behold, I discovered that Node.js CLI (console) applications can indeed respond to keystrokes, ushering in a whole new realm of possibilities. ¬†In today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to build interactive Node.js console applications that listen for keypress events. We’ll build a simple stock quote application to bring this interactivity to life. Continue reading


Node.js IoT: Tracking the ISS through the Sky


We’re back today to embark on another¬†cool Node.js IoT project. ¬†This time, we’re going to interact with the¬†International Space Station (ISS) and track it as it flies through the sky. ¬†We’ll eventually work with physical sensors that sit¬†right on our desk, but at this stage we won’t need to buy parts or read resistor¬†color codes in order to retrieve values from the ISS GPS “sensor” in the cloud‚ÄĒor actually 250 miles above the clouds.

While our tutorials are geared toward creating awesome Node.js IoT projects on the Raspberry Pi, any Node.js-capable machine will suffice for today’s tutorial. ¬†Other useful articles to help you may include my¬†Beginner‚Äôs Guide to Installing Node.js on a Raspberry Pi. ¬†You can also see my article on Using Visual Studio Code with a Raspberry Pi if you are in need of¬†a development environment.

Let’s get started and¬†progressively build a solution so we can track the ISS and ultimately¬†monitor its location relative to¬†our location on earth. Continue reading