Node.js Learning through Making – Build a CPU Sensor

cpu sensor
We are back with our LTM (Learning through Making) tutorials and ready to hit the ground running and write some real Node.js code!  In this series, we will learn about Node.js in the context of creating IoT (Internet of Things) projects.  We will build a “CPU Sensor” in this first project since CPU loading/utilization is a “sensor” we can measure, record, and ultimately stream to other locations.  In future tutorials, we will harness the power of Node.js to interact with physical sensors that live outside of our computing environment. Continue reading

Learning to Code with CoDrone

I attended the monthly San Diego Hardware Hackers meeting earlier this week with one of my sons.  The presentation was by a local Kickstarter-funded company, Robolink, who is building a device called CoDrone.  The CoDrone (portmanteau of Code and Drone) is geared to help teach kids how to code.  It can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, and can also be morphed into a Rover kit by replacing the propellers with wheels.  Fun stuff!  You will find the lessons plans here if you want to get a deeper view into how it is programmed.  The goal is to teach computer science to kids as young as the fourth grade. Continue reading