Miscellaneous Commands


DEL key [key ...]

Removes the specified keys. A key is ignored if it does not exist.

DEL Example

Remove the fruits key containing our list:

redis> del fruits
(integer) 1

Create two keys and delete them:

redis> set visitor1 "John Smith"
redis> set visitor2 "Jane Doe"
redis> del visitor1 visitor2
(integer) 2

Read more about the DEL command in the Redis documentation.


TTL key

Returns the remaining time to live of a key that has a timeout. This introspection capability allows a Redis client to check how many seconds a given key will continue to be part of the data set.

TTL Example

For example, let's return to a previous example. Recall that SET key value [EX seconds] sets the specified expire time of the cached item in seconds. Let's set our dog key/value pair to live for 120 seconds.

redis> set dog "Old Yeller" EX 120

As an interesting side note, we could also accomplish the expire time as follows:

redis> set dog "Old Yeller"
redis> expire dog 120
(integer) 1

Next, we can use the TTL command to see how much time remains before the dog key expires:

redis> ttl dog
(integer) 112

We see that 112 seconds remain before the dog key expires. Very nice! The TTL command provides visibility so we can ascertain when a given key will expire from the Redis cache.

Read more about the TTL command in the Redis documentation.

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