Visual Studio Launch Video with My Son and Me

My son Benjamin (junior in high school) and I received a unique opportunity.  We traveled to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond to conduct an interview in honor of the launch of Visual Studio 2017, and the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio.  One of the main purposes of the interview was to discuss computer programming and the next generation and how people are using Visual Studio.  The interview aired last week during the Visual Studio 2017 launch event.

Among other things, Benjamin discussed a Carbon Monoxide sensor he created for his Environmental Science Merit Badge for Boy Scouts to complete a requirement to “perform an experiment to test for particulates that contribute to air pollution”.  His first system was based on an Arduino and he later created a more advanced system using a Particle Photon coupled with Node.js/Express running on Microsoft Azure.  He originally gave a presentation on this more advanced system at the San Diego Maker Faire last year, and the audience was able to visit his website during the presentation and watch the sensor data update on a plot in real-time. He demonstrated this same device in the interview with Microsoft.

See the Interview with Dave and Benjamin Johnson to view our father/son interview.  And… by the way, Happy 20th Birthday Visual Studio!!!


2 thoughts on “Visual Studio Launch Video with My Son and Me

  1. Hello Dave,
    You must be very proud of your son. He seems like a very cool kid.
    Thanks for sharing this video. Got me excited to begin my own VS Studio coding journey at age 57. Hope I can say I coding with VS Studio myself in 20 years!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Steven. Welcome to the world of programming! Visual Studio is a great tool, and programming is a great profession and hobby. You have a great attitude; I hope to see you at the 40th anniversary of Visual Studio celebration. 🙂

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